Why The PEER 150?

Large networking organizations focus on growth and revenue, causing the true charter of the group to be skewed and lose focus. This results in reduced quality in the level of executive allowed into the group. The quality of the presentations, content or speakers is also often a casualty of this business model.

The PEER 150 is fully focused on each member and membership opportunities will be determined on member’s recommendations, advice and interests.

The PEER 150’s mission is to provide a wide variety of career opportunities and ultimately become each member’s primary career resource.

Peer nominations are to be evaluated by an individual’s accomplishments, recognition and reputation in the industry. Each nomination will be followed by an application request to be submitted for acceptance into The PEER 150. This application will highlight career accomplishments, leadership role in innovation, and availability and willingness to contribute to The PEER 150 charter.

The PEER 150 will be limited to 150 members. New members will only be approved when existing members either opt out, or disengage with the group and fail to meet member obligations. Memberships for The Peer 150 will be filled by a nomination process on a yearly basis, subject to the same member application and approval process.


    • Private gatherings where members of The PEER 150 will be able to discuss topics, challenges and issues they are facing today.
    • Networking opportunities not only with the top 150 executives in your industry, but also access and networking with The PEER 150 executives in other disciplines
    • Access to PEER 150 charitable partners; providing avenues and access for giving back, targeting one’s specific industry.
    • Access to PEER 150 educational partners; provide opportunities to mentor and/or teach high potential future leaders.
    • Private quarterly calls discussing topics, trends, and research provided by The PEER 150 members.
    • 2 annual private gatherings where The PEER 150 members come together for a gathering of thought leadership and innovative insight.
    • End of year report focusing on specific innovation and leadership concepts, 100% provided by The PEER 150 leaders themselves.
    • Access to your fellow members to have the ability to reach out to them at any given time and on any given concept. No matter what the industry is.